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Capture By George! is an advanced Windows screen capture application
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1 November 2008

Editor's review

Screenshots find a wide applicability for number of purposes ranging from, creating user-manuals, interactive, hypertext books, website content, for conveying information etc. Owing to its interactive nature, screenshots tender professional touch to documents and project reports. Conventional screen capturing techniques usually charge users a lot over time and efforts, and hence professionals usually seek for an effective utility that can offer quick and better results. One such utility is Capture By George! 2.7, which boasts of the capability to capture full or specific area of your screen. With its functions represented by iconic buttons, you can capture, save and edit the images as per your needs. The program makes it easy for the users to capture the specific screen area with desired dimensions by increasing or decreasing the size of the frame.

Capture By George! 2.7 application has a small interface that interestingly resembles a TV/player remote. On the presentation part the application provides pleasing skins to change the program appearance according to your choice. The display area is set at upper part, and options are placed at lower part of the interface. Launching application, the main program screen and the frame are displayed in front of the users. You can move, expand, and contract the frame to capture the desired location on the screen. You can even capture full screen selecting the provided feature on remote shaped main interface. When you’re ready to capture the screenshots you just need to click on the Red button, or even you can set the Timer that captures the screen after a specific time count. The screenshots is shown in the upper display area, double click to see it in the viewer, and you can easily save the file with any of the supported JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF format. It also consists of editing features to crop, rotate, resize, change background, and get the image printed. Further, you can easily alter the preferences relating to frame, hotkeys, capture cursor, print screen, etc.

The Capture By George! 2.70 along with these features is also accompanied with Help manual that assists you to understand program options and operability. The program is rated at 3 points owing to its functional simplicity and the ease with which it performs the screen capturing task.

Publisher's description

Capture By George! is an advanced Windows screen capture application that offers an easy and intuitive method of making screen captures.
Simply select the screen region to capture before pressing the Capture button; not after as with many other screen capture applications. With Capture By George!, you can save time and enhance your screen shots. Capture By George! will help you make quick and easy screen captures for any purpose:
- Capture a window or any part of the Windows desktop to use in documentation.
- Print screens to design program interfaces.
- Use captured images in hypertext books or computer based training software.
- Save a message screen to send to technical support for a quick description of the issue.
- Publish your screenshots on the web.
You can choose among five file formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF), adjust color and dithering settings to achieve the optimal result.
Adjustments are visualized in real-time, providing the ability to compare up to four different results from saving in various formats and compression levels simultaneously.
The program features customizable system wide hotkeys, timer allowing to capture menus, the "Capture cursor" and other options.
Capture By George!
Capture By George!
Version 2.7
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